Top 10 Cheap Clothing Alterations in Maroubra | Airtasker AU (2024)

Dress alteration


Maroubra NSW, Australia

18th Feb 2024

I need my dress to be taken up length

A dress altered - needs let out to make it bigger!


Maroubra NSW, Australia

16th Dec 2023

I have a dress that does not zip up around the bust! There is excess material that could be used.-Due date: Before Sunday, 24 December 2023

Sew laundry labels onto school uniforms/clothing


Maroubra NSW, Australia

20th Nov 2023

Sew laundry labels onto school uniform items/clothing. Most can be sewn by machine but some items may need to be hand sewn. 50 pieces @ $2 per label sewn -Due date: Before Sunday, 10 December 2023

Top 10 Cheap Clothing Alterations in Maroubra | Airtasker AU (1)Top 10 Cheap Clothing Alterations in Maroubra | Airtasker AU (2)

Lyndall is an exceptional communicator, thank you your work is AAA+

Dressmaker for bridesmaid dress


Pagewood NSW 2035, Australia

24th Sep 2023

I want a dress made for my bridemaids. In a army green/olive green I‘ve attached the design below. -Due date: Flexible

Need zipper replace in leather pants sydney


I need to replace zipper in a pair of leather pants and not pay a fortune. can you please send me quotes and area you are in and how long job will take. -Due date: Flexible

Make 1 mens tie & 3 mens suit handkerchief


Pagewood NSW 2035, Australia

25th Apr 2023

Make 1 mens suit tie and 3 mens handkerchief for suits from existing material.Material will be provided.-Due date: Before Saturday, 29 April 2023

Replace jeans zipper by button fly


Maroubra NSW, Australia

22nd Oct 2022

I need to have the zipper of my jeans replaced by buttons / button fly opening (without seeing the buttons). Alternatively replace the zipper by a very heavy duty one (i have changed it twice already…)-Due date: Flexible

Dress taken up for wedding


Maroubra NSW, Australia

27th May 2022

Dress alter for bridesmaids wedding dress asap Weddings in 2 weeks

Jacket alter and clean


Maroubra NSW, Australia

23rd Apr 2022

Need a jacket altered (taken in and sleeve taken up ) easy fabric, unconstructed jacket. Also needs a clean

Alterations on a dress


Pagewood NSW 2035, Australia

18th Mar 2022

An expensive dress that needs altering before a wedding next Thus 24 th. Went up a size to fit bust but feel it is slightly too large in waist and hips .?it is a tired maxi dress with a shirted waist -Due date: Before Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Same day Alterations


Maroubra NSW, Australia

13th Dec 2021

I need someone who can shorten a pair of mens suit trousers -Due date: Before Friday, 17th Dec 2021

I need 2 zips fixed on two cycling jerseys


Maroubra NSW, Australia

8th Oct 2021

I have two different cycling jerseys. Both need one side of the zip replaced. so 2 zips

Shorten pants X 6 pairs,


Maroubra NSW, Australia

14th Jun 2021

Reg fabric to machine sew hems to shorten pants

Seamstress/Dressmaker: Attach Straps to Jumpsuit


Maroubra NSW 2035, Australia

27th Apr 2021

I have a jumpsuit that I require gold chunky straps to in order for it to fit across the boob area properly. I don’t have the straps so looking for someone who can source them and attach. Photo includes the jumpsuit with another photo showing what I would like the gold straps to look like. It doesn’t have to be identical but something similar

I need alterations services


Maroubra NSW 2035, Australia

17th Mar 2021

Shorten long pant about 5 to 7 cm

Jeans cutting alteration shorten


Maroubra NSW, Australia

17th Feb 2021

Need a jeans cut to shorten the length before this sunday thank you! Looking for someone to come to Maroubra since I'm scared to drive. Available Friday evening after 5.30 pm

Top 10 Cheap Clothing Alterations in Maroubra | Airtasker AU (3)Top 10 Cheap Clothing Alterations in Maroubra | Airtasker AU (4)

Kim is very talented and professional! Very happy with the results, perfectly done. Will hire again next time for sure! Thank you.

I need zipper repair


Randwick City Council, NSW, Australia

5th Feb 2021

Zip on the back of my dress needs repairing.

Clothing Alterations - school uniform


Maroubra NSW, Australia

15th Jan 2021

Two school dresses that need cut and hem, but we want to be able to lengthen them in the future. May have more items to do soon - can drop off and pick up in the area.

Curtain Alterations


Maroubra NSW 2035, Australia

9th Oct 2020

I'm looking for an experienced person with curtain alterations skills and good ratings! :) 5 x white IKEA curtains + 5 x coloured IKEA block-out curtains Thanks. S.

Curtain alterations


Maroubra NSW, Australia

24th Jul 2020

3 pairs of curtains To be altered in situ. Already hung just need to be cut and hemmed

Top 10 Cheap Clothing Alterations in Maroubra | Airtasker AU (5)Top 10 Cheap Clothing Alterations in Maroubra | Airtasker AU (6)

Professional hard working and close to detail

Top 10 Cheap Clothing Alterations in Maroubra | Airtasker AU (2024)


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