OneRail’s commitment to value creation (2024)

OneRail Adds Advanced Inventory and Order Management to Its Last Mile Delivery Solution to Slash Fulfillment Costs and Enhance Customer Experience

ORLANDO, Fla. & VANCOUVER, British Columbia – OneRail, a leading last mile delivery fulfillment solution with a smart network of 12 million drivers across North America, has announced the acquisition of Vancouver-basedOrderbot. Orderbot is an enterprise Inventory and Distributed Order Management (DOM) solution, serving market-leading brands, such as Staples Canada, Petsense, Red Hat and many others. This strategic acquisition combines Orderbot’s sophisticated inventory and order management capabilities with OneRail’s extensive OmniPoint® cloud-basedlast mile operating systemand delivery network, creating a powerful end-to-end solution that streamlines fulfillment processes, reduces costs, improves order accuracy and enhances customer satisfaction.

“I am thrilled to combine our expertise with OneRail, and to have found an ideal partner that shares our values and goals to take the company to the next level”Post this

“Retailers and product distributors face a universal challenge: identifying the optimal fulfillment location to minimize costs and maximize order accuracy,” said OneRail Founder and CEO Bill Catania. “Integrating Orderbot into OneRail provides our clients with a unified solution, which optimizes every step of the fulfillment process, whether eCommerce order shipping from a warehouse or DC, a localized delivery from a store or warehouse, or other store fulfillment options, including ship from store and buy online/pick up in store.”

The value-add for shippers is significant, reducing out-of-stocks, split orders and late deliveries, while improving the end-customer experience with step-change improvements in order accuracy, fulfillment cost and visibility to products and orders from shelf to doorstep.

“OneRail’s vision from the beginning has been to empower shippers with the technology, tools and operational support to seamlessly fulfill from any location via any transportation mode, anytime,” Catania said. “The acquisition of Orderbot is a critical next step for OneRail, as we move upstream in the order flow.”

The omnichannel retail market is projected to reach$37 trillion by 2027, with online sales growing to24 percentof global retail, making the complexities in order fulfillment and delivery a significant change for operations and strategy. Retailers that implement omnichannel strategies are2.5 timesmore likely to retain customers and see a 13% increase in average order value.

OneRail’s commitment to value creation and problem-solving has attracted major clients such asLowe’s Home Improvement,American Tire Distributors, Advance Auto Parts and PepsiCo. OneRail has achieved 482% revenue growth since Q1 2021, with its OmniPoint platform now managing nearly 250,000 deliveries daily. Acquisition expands the field of problems to be solved, generating greater value together than either company could alone, unlocking even greater value for retailers and product distributors. Some of the key benefits include:

Cost Savings and Efficiency Gains

  • Reduced out-of-stock and split shipments, ensuring that customers receive their orders promptly and accurately.
  • Machine-learning optimization on delivery matching to carriers — based on order data, historical performance and cost — to select the best delivery mode to maximize savings and speed.

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • End-to-end visibility, from shelf to doorstep.
  • Improved flexibility, giving customers a range of delivery options, such as BOPIS, Same-Day, Next-Day or later.

Improved Order and Delivery Accuracy

  • Improved order accuracy and on-time delivery, powered by advanced algorithms to determine the best fulfillment location, shipping modes and delivery route.
  • Unified data throughout the fulfillment process, from product information management through last mile delivery.

“I am thrilled to combine our expertise with OneRail, and to have found an ideal partner that shares our values and goals to take the company to the next level,” said Orderbot Founder & CEO Marianne Zakhour. “Our joint solution ushers in a new era of real-time product and delivery data that will empower businesses of all sizes to achieve perfect order fulfillment, enhancing their ability to fulfill orders faster with more accuracy and efficiencies than were ever possible before.”

OneRail recently announced the launch of its newOmniPoint Inventory Visibilityproduct to address the growing challenge of product shrinkage that shippers face. OneRail’s OmniPoint Inventory Visibility solution tracks the movement of product orders down to the item level, by integrating with other management systems that provide inventory, order and transportation data to offer real-time location status. “The sum of these announcements cement OneRail’s mission, which is to provide our customers with a competitive advantage — which, for many of them, centers on enhancing the overall customer experience through improved fulfillment operations,” Catania said.

On June 5, at 4 p.m. ET, Catania will deliver a keynote at Home Delivery World USA, where he will provide a live update and Q&A. Additionally, OneRail is exhibiting in Booth 912.

About OneRail

OneRail is a leading omnichannel fulfillment solution that pairs best-in-class software with logistics as a service to provide dependability and speed. With a real-time connected network of 12 million drivers, OneRail matches the right vehicle for the right delivery, helping brands lower expenses and increase capacity to rapidly scale their businesses. This approach features a 24/7 USA-based exceptions team that maintains a 99% on-time delivery rate. OneRail has been recognized with multiple awards, including a No. 24 debut on the 2023 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™. To learn more about OneRail,

About Orderbot

Orderbot is a comprehensive enterprise order management system (OMS) designed to streamline modern commerce complexities. It manages inventory, orders, and product information across multiple channels, ensuring timely and accurate delivery. Orderbot’s features include real-time inventory visibility, intelligent order routing, and seamless integration with eCommerce platforms, empowering businesses to optimize their supply chains and improve operational efficiency. Serving market-leading brands like Staples Canada, Petsense, and RedHat, Orderbot continues to innovate in the realm of order management. For more information,


Julia Grove
Sr. Director of Marketing, OneRail

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OneRail’s commitment to value creation (2024)


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